Climate Action Plan

In 2020, three students in the Environmental Management and Assessment program completed a Climate Action Plan (CAP) for Niagara College as part of an Internship with the Office of Sustainability. The CAP identifies mitigation and adaptation and strategies to reduce the short and long-term risk of climate-related impacts.

Community Energy Plan (CEP)

A Community Energy Plan (CEP) is a strategic and comprehensive approach developed by a community to address its energy needs, reduce energy consumption, and promote the use of renewable and sustainable energy sources. It involves assessing the community’s current energy profile, identifying opportunities for energy efficiency improvements, and implementing measures Read more…

Trees for All Program

This program is in development to plant 1 million trees across the watershed. The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) has partnered with municipalities, community groups, government organizations, and environmental organizations to form the Tree Planting Partnership. The program will support Canada‚Äôs goal of planting 2 billion trees and help capture/store Read more…

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